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Unknown solution - (Aug/24/2006 )

Someone gave me an unknown solution ,he said this solution contains a peptide that capture or precipitate RNA and DNA,I tried to search for such a substance in all webresources I can't find it,I found only a substance called polyacryl carrier added to nucleic acid after TRIZOL extraction.
can anyone help me to reveal the mystry of this unknown substance


If I don't know what is inside a bottle, I would get rid of it. And autoclave it, if something lives inside.
An unknown substance of unknown concentration and solvent etc. etc. - perhaps protein- cannot help you, there are better, well-tried ways to precipitate DNA. You you know how they work and it is not a pure guess.


Surely if this chap told you there was a peptide in it, he knows the true identity. Hunt him down and torture him until he reveals the truth.

I think some people are having a joke at your expense. I'd chuck it. Take hobgoblin's advice.


yeah, but DON'T autoclave it; there could be toxic fumes if you don't know what it is, even if it isn't stinky

if you can't return it to the original owner, then please receipt it to your biosafety officer to dispose of it for you in a way that won't harm you, or blow up the building, or anything crazy like that