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sds-page of hemocyte lysate proteins - (Aug/22/2006 )

hi guys,

im working on hemocyte proteins of indian mud crab. i have been running sds-page gels for quite some time. but due to seasonal changes in the hemolymph (and probably hemocyte protein content) i do not get proper bands.... for instance there is this high mol wt protein prob' hemocyanin or something else..whose conc keeps changing seasonally..therefore in the run when the sample contains high % of this protein other bands do not resolve well. but my protein is abt 12-14 kda which does not resolve when the above situation occurs how do i solve it??

also lately i havent been getting proper gel runs. there is sometimes a streaking effect and also proteins in the lower 1/3rd of the gel do not run or resolve properly. also sometimes protein markers and proteins are smiling or frowning. we have tried making all the solutions fresh and also have tried fresh sample buffers. i shall attach the gel fotos in a later mail.

for now will be thankful for some suggestions


yes please attach a picture.
It could be due to high salt in the sample, too short time for polymerisation or a problem with SDS.
Let's see the pictures.


hi miselle,

i have posted a snap of the sds-page of hemocyte lysate in your account. pls advice how to solve the problem