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endogenous promoter - (Aug/21/2006 )

could any one please explain me the terminologies in inverted commas according to contex

(Although HBV replication can proceed (to various extents) from different DNA constructs, including vector-free circularized or linear genome vector-linked tandem dimer (and a DNA copy of pregenomic RNA under foreign (cytomegalovirus) promoter, we selected to pursue the tandem dimer approach. Such a DNA form allows HBV replication to proceed under the sad.gif "endogenous core promoter sad.gif " rather than an artificial cytomegalovirus promoter and thus permits the expression of HBeAg.)

is endogenous promoter be a part of vector(puc18) or a promoter sequence of HBV.

I will be very great full


Its the HBV promoter.