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QIAshredder caps - (Aug/18/2006 )


I plan to use the QIAshredder (250) to homogenzie my cells for total RNA. But when I open the kit, I find there some lids for QIAshredder. I am a little confused about these lids and do not know when I should use these lids. Does anybody have any experience about the QIAshredder?

Thanks! rolleyes.gif rolleyes.gif


I've never use the lid. You can cover your columns with those lids during centrifugation.


i use the qiagen rneasy kit for extacting plant rna, and the qiashredder columns (pale lilac in colour, just to let you know if they are the same as yours) carry their own caps like eppendorfs. the kit has no separate lids of any kind.

- viv


Thanks, pcrman and viv! smile.gif smile.gif

I called Qiagen technical service and they told me those lids actually are not necessary for the experiment. laugh.gif laugh.gif