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Anti-PolyHistidin antibody - Best His6 antibody for western (Aug/16/2006 )

Hi, there!
Some info. gathering before I spend a few hundreds $!
I need to buy anti-His6 antibody. Mostly, it will be used for western. Protein is expressed from the cDNA containing nucleic acids for His6 epitope tag. I introduced only 6x His, not any other amino acid to C-teriminus of protein.
Can anyone recommend a good, if possbile, cheap, antibody?
Monoclonal is better, but polyclonal will do if it is known not to have many nonspecific bands or background issue.
Thanks bunch in advance! smile.gif


you can get a decent anti-6xhis antibody from novagen (Merck).
its pretty cheap and they sell it in small amounts, link below



The anti-His from BD is also good