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A native PAGE - for a protein, 15.3 kDa, gel/run conditions? (Aug/15/2006 )


Anyone here can give me suggestions on a native PAGE for a 15.3 kDa protein, pI 7.3. what gel %, what run conditions etc to use. Any protocols? I am lookin up stuff but if anyone has standardized things already, it will help me well:)



try the link for recipes, could always buy in a 10-20% gradient gel (native) that would give a nice separation!!



i would use the ornstein-davis formulation, found in the thread cited by Jimmy_september, with a 10 or 12% gel (a gradient would be better, 10-15%; what about contaminants?). with a pI of 7.3 the neutral pH gel would not work properly (running pH of 7.3).