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Protein crystals - (Aug/14/2006 )

Hi all,
Please can you help me in this, I got few crystals of protein in thin tube covered with phosphate buffer and I dont know how to get them out to dissolve them in NaCl solution. Shall I transfer them to other vial or I can handle them in their tube? sad.gif


can you pull a fine capillary tube out of a 9" pipet using gas flame, suck the PBS-protein solution out, then place NaCl back to dissolve the crystals?


You sure these are protein crystals and not crystalised phosphate buffer? What do you want to do with your protein? Are you doing crystallography experiments?


Yes for sure its protein crystals and I want them in their active form, its an enzyme and I'll use it in inhibition assay. I have only very very small amount and I don't want to lose! sad.gif