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Shall we thaw fast or slow? - (Aug/11/2006 )

I just had a discussion with a colleague of mine whether we should thaw the frozen cells/tissue/cell lysate/mitochondria on ice at 4C (slow) or at room temp or at 37C (fast)??? plase comment. thanks in advance!!!!


as fast as it can be.


i used to do it at 4C


I've always heard that it is at 37C (thaw it as fast as possible). My understanding is that you freeze slowly and thaw very quickly.


As fast as possible. Keep it in the 37C water bath.


thanks all!
thats what I heard freeze slow and thaw quickly....
but what about the cell lysate or sample for SDS-PAGE... won't there be protein degradation at 37C.... though offcourse its in homogenizing buffer with protease inhibitor cocktail????


There will b degradation as long as u r thawing except it will b less if done faster.


Cells, DMSO is toxic.. thaw as fast as possible.
Protein extracts.. I thaw them on ice or in my fingers if am in a hurry
primers, DNA, plasmids.. in my fingers usually although I have a friend that thaw her primers the whole morning on ice... I wouldnt have that patiance for just a PCR


I agree with Tertu,

for cells : thaw fast , to get rid of DMSO as fast as possible.

for others : as you want, but don't forget them on the bench. (that's why I either thaw in my hands, or on ice)