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can i still see the GFP reaction after the distruction of cell. - (Aug/11/2006 )

Dear all,

Here is my question, i am going to purify the overexpression protein of c.elegan which fused with GFP, of course i can see the flurosent under the microscrope. The question is after i detroyed the c. elegans, in the fraction of 10000g, i saw a very good amount of green spot under the microscope. Are they the protein i want? after the detergent, they release from the cloudy thing, but they are again go to the pellet when i do a centrifuge again.

Thank you


yes it's possible that it's the protein.
But, if it's easy to see it concentrated in a pellet, I would say that it's much more difficult to see the protein solubilized in the supernatant. I.e. you might have more proteins in the supernatant,but you can't see it.