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I just ordered DNase and it came lyophilized. Does anyone know how much dH20 (or other) I should add to obtain a particular concentration? I do not know the weight of the DNase supplied, only the UNITS are given



what concentration do you need? most enzyme concentrations are given in U/mL or U/ul. so, you can decide how many units you wish to use at one time and pick an appropriate volume of diluent, that will give you a convenient volume to work with.

for example, if you will be using 5U per reaction, set up your dilution so that 1ul = 5U so that it is pipettable


if specific activity is provided (e.g. u/mg protein) you can convert it to weight.



I just don't know what the weight of the DNase supplied to me is. All I know is that it is 2 vials of 10,000 U each.



Mol Wt should be in the catalogue. It's probably easier to just go with aimikins suggestion of number of units per reaction. Just as long as you record what you did.