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transfection of rat spinal cord neuronal cultures - (Aug/08/2006 )

I have been transfecting rat spinal cord neurons with siRNA with varying degrees of success. I think my problem is that Qiagen's transfetion reagent, HiPerFect, is toxic to my cells. Has anyone had success with primary spinal cord neuron transfections? What may be a better transfection reagent?



My colleague used to try different reagents for hippocampal neurons, but didnt have good success. Finally he tried amaxa transfection (he had to buy a machine also for it). With this he got 90%.

I am not sure abt spinal neurons.


Our lab used gencarrier-2 in PC-12, primary cortical neurons with very low toxicity and desirable efficiency (approx. 20-30% on lacZ staining).


I looked up the suggested product and saw that the company has a product called RNAiCarrier. This may be what I would want to use for my siRNA transfections. Do you know anything about this product?