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vector for express secreted protein in vivo - (Aug/07/2006 )

Hi every one,

I want to over express a protein secreted into plasma of rodent. I think the Adeno virus is a good vector to express.

Could you please tell me where I can get an expression vector that have a leader sequence to secrete protein and a Tet-on regulation?



U will have to clone ur transgene into adenovirus vector. U could get it from some company or request from some labs doing the same.

There r gutless adenovirus with excellent expression of transgene. I think its thrid generation of adenovirus.

Remember for invivo studies, adenovirus has cytotoxic effect and also induced immune reaction.


how long do you want your protein expressed?


QUOTE (genehunter-1 @ Aug 8 2006, 08:55 AM)
how long do you want your protein expressed?

Thanks for your response, I just want its expression in short time at around 2 weeks