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dimer in vectors - (Aug/06/2006 )


why tandem dimers are constructed in vectors?

how dimers made in puc 18 in following paragraph ?please answer icant understan

"The PCR products were cloned into the HindIII/SacI sites of pUC18 vector. For HBV transcription to proceed under the control of endogenous core promoter, tandem dimers were made. The HBV insert was released from pUC18 vector by digestion with SapI and BglI, circularized with T4 DNA ligase, and relinearized with EcoRI. Next, HBV DNA with EcoRI ends were ligated to EcoRI-digested, dephosphorylated pUC18 DNA at an insert/vector ratio of at least 10:1. After transformation, colonies harboring tandem HBV dimers were screened with an oligonucleotide probe spanning the tail-to-head junction as described previously


hat is the reference of the metionned article?



here is the paper...
I didn't check it! unsure.gif

-aztecan princess-