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Beta-Mercaptaethanol - (Aug/05/2006 )

I have to use beta-mercaptaethanol in concentation of 20mM but i have 2-mercaptaethanol solution. Its in liquid form . I am fix how can i calculate how much i have to use for 20mM.
On bottle its written Mr=78.01.\
please suggest me.


The sigma Beta Mercaptoethanol which we use in our lab is always 14.3M. Which company Beta ME do you use? You can check in that company's website.


Do you know the density of your 2-mercaptoethanol solution? Then you should be able to easily calculate the molarity.
The one in our lab was 14,3M, too.


Hi samita
can u tell me from which company u r purchasing 2-mercaptoethanol, we r using 2-mercaptoethanol from SIGMA whose molecular weight is 78.13, molarity is 14.3 M and density1.114g/ml. Its better to see the catalogue of manufacturer.
good luck
prabhanshu tripathi


commercial solutions are generally at 14.3 M


mine is from Bio-Rad, it's 14.2 M