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Detergent for soulble protein - (Aug/03/2006 )

Dear Colleagues
can some body suggest me that i can use Sarcosyl for extracting soluble protein. I know SDS is very strong detergent I al also using some other mild detergents but i want to try sarcosyl but i need some suggestion either it will contaminte my final extract with denatured protein from inclusion body or not.


For soluble protiens, we use triton in our extraction buffer.


we use NP 40


i'd go with triton, its quite mild and wont contaminate your samples in downstream processes

-grapes of wrath-

Can you give me recepie for NP40.

QUOTE (spanishflower @ Aug 3 2006, 07:17 PM)
we use NP 40


hi samita sure

50mM Tris ,pH 7.4
150mM NaCl
1% NP-40

sometimes i increase the NaCl concentration to 250mM and i add protease inhibitor before using the buffer.
hope this will help.