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Expression of fusion protein in mammalian cells - (Aug/01/2006 )

Hi there,

I want to express a fusion protein consisting of two oncogenes in mammalian cells but i donĀ“t know which vector to use. The insert will be around 11 kb.

Thanks for help!


Hi Magisterh!

Maybe these links can help you to decide which vector to use:

I usually use the FLAG-tagged vectors CMV4 or CMV10 for my expressions; they have quite high expression levels in my cell model (epithel cell lines).
For easy localization a GFP-vector might be very convenient, too.
It just depends on the things you like to do...



Many companies provide vectors for protein expression. Check the vectors which suit u.

clontech, invitrogen, stratagene etc...

As Chakchel suggested try the sigma and promega as well.