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dNTP dilution for PCR - (Jul/24/2006 )

I read that 10mM Tris pH 7.7-8.0 should be used to dilute dNTP, as water often has a low pH, or decreases rapidly after reactions with CO2 in the air etc.

My questions are:

Is it possible to use Tris/HCl with the appropriate pH?

Or TE buffer? I know the EDTA part chelates dNTP, but when it is added to the PCR tube, the dNTP part only constitutes 1/25th of the volume. My diluted primers when multiplexing makes up 6/25ths of the total volume, and the reactions still work, this minor increase of EDTA concentration might not matter?

Replys are appreciated!


I always use water to prepare the dNTP mixture


I use TE to make dNTP mixture and it works for PCR.


of course you can reach the pH by TrisHcl...
For dNTP mix i use water


Thanks for the replys!