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Can I use DOP-PCR to amplify DNA extracted from OMV? - (Jul/23/2006 )

We are interested in DNA from H. pylori outer membrane vesicles (OMV). These vesicles are shed from the bacteria and we have shown that they contain DNA. We can extract DNA from these OMV, however very low yields are obtained. I want to amplify this DNA to make downstream applications (e.g. cloning, sequencing) more successful. I have read about degenerate oligo primed PCR (DOP-PCR). Would this be a good method to use? Our starting amount of DNA is so small it can't be visualised on an EtBr stained gel, but is visible if use SybrGreen to stain.


You might want to look at the phi29 based amplfication systems, such as Templiphi and Genomiphi (Roche, I believe).