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problems with Clonetech 10G cells - (Jul/20/2006 )

Does anyone else have had problems with the company Clonetech?
I use 10G E.cloni cells and after 2 weeks trying to get my clones I found out that they already contained a Kanamycin resistance. Of course not conveniant if you you a plasmid with kanamycin resistance cassette.. sad.gif
I called the company and they finally admitted that they have had problems with resistance!! mad.gif mad.gif

I got a new batch of competent 10G cells and tested them with pUC19, but now even empty competent cells can grow on carbenicillin plates in same amounts as the transformed celles with pUC! blink.gif

Who recognised these problems? Does anyone else have suggestions for other competent cells wich can be used to create libraries?


a labmate of me has used ElectroMax DH10B competent cells (Invitrogen, Eggenstein, Germany) for library construction