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Nuclear Marker for Western Blotting - (Jul/20/2006 )

Hi all,
I'm doing some westerns with NCoR from nuclear fraction, it's a very heavy protein so I cannot use beta-actin as marker because i've to run my gel more or less ultil the 75 kDa band to obtain a clear band, so...I need to find another nuclear marker, possibly around 200 kDa, do you know something like this?


What about nucleolin? It's around 100 and I always use it as a loading control for my ChIP extracts


Hi Seba,

Maybe you could try RNA polymerase II? It´s ubiquitous and I think the smaller hypophosphorilated forms are around 200-220kD. There are plenty of phosphospecific antibodies that work quite well on Western (check Covance).

Good luck



I guess nucleolin is too small, probably RNA PolII is a better option! I'll check this out!