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pmol calculation for DNA - (Jul/20/2006 )

recently i suffered for self-ligated plasmid. so i need to check my CIAP treatment

my question is ...1. how you calculate the amount of 5'end in pmol???
2. I follow Sambrook et al and they wrote 0.1-0.5 U of CIAP i need to use, is it enough for CIAP treatment or Its just theoritical, i need to add more enzyme for successful dephosphorylation??

advacne thanks for your reply

-T. reesei-

you have the appropriate tool at promega's biomath calculator, including formula.


hi fred many thanks for your reply and the nice link.
but what about my seceond it a theoritical value, do i need to adjust it with my expt?? what do you u do when u dephosphorylate ur vector?

-T. reesei-