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primer calculation - concentration (Jul/19/2006 )


what will be the concentration of a primer (100ng/ul) (24 bases) in moles

detail of the calculaltion will be welcome



As missele said:

"Missele Yesterday, 06:01 PM Post #5

hmm, I have a head ache, and I can't find the right result !

1 base is 330 dalton, it means 330g/mol. from 330g you get 1 mol
For a 18-mer, it's quite 18 times : 1 mole is 330*18=5940g

you have 100 ng/µL

100 g is 100/5940=0.016 mol
100 ng is 0.016 nmol
100 ng/µL is 0.016 nmol/µL, or 0.016mmol/L (id est 0.016 mM)"

Therefore it's 0,012mM or 12uM