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miRNA for knockdown - RNAi (Jul/18/2006 )

Hi All,

I was wondering whether anyone has tried Invitrogen's BLOCK-iT Pol II miRNA vector system for knocking down genes in vitro? It's a new method for RNAi (as opposed to shRNA etc). There are no publications on it because it's a relatively new system, and I would appreciate any stories/information.

Thanks! smile.gif


We tried it (only sequences against reporter genes) and it was not better or even as good as standard shRNA. But it seems to depend on the target sequence as well, other people are sucessful with miRNA based systems, mainly on the basis of miR-30 dereived constructs.



there are different works about new strategies for siRNA delivey based on new knowledge about RNAi biochemistry and microRNA biogenesis. You can start by reading the follow pdf (for farther information look for reference). oll the best!