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DNA fingerprinting - Is it necessary to use DNA polymerase with proof-read function in PCR? (Jul/14/2006 )

Dear All,

I am going to do the DNA fingerprinting experiment. I would like to ask do i need to use the proof read enzyme or just taq polymerase in PCR????

Thx very much!!!!!



Hy siuchi,

It depends on the DNA fingerprintign technique you use. If you do 16S rDNA fingerprinting, we use specific primers for any phylogenetic group and Taq polymerase in PCR. After we do DGGE analysis with subsequent sequencing of DGGE products.



My Roche standard Taq polymerase has an error rate of 26x10-6, from other companies is about the same as far as I know (1x 10-4 to 2x 10-5 per bp). So depends how long your fragment is and how many cycles you have in pcr ...