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Knocking down the cPLA2,sPLA2 in Cancer cells - (Jul/13/2006 )

I am working on Human colon cancer cells, I have HT-29 cell line. I would like to knock down the cPLA2,sPLA2 genes in my cells and would like to get a cell line of knocked down gene. My main target is to modify the cancer cells in to apoptotic cells. Blocking the PLA2 activity would enable me to do this.
Would any one plzz suggest me about the best procedure for doing this?

Thanks for the help


Is PLA2 - Phospholipase A2 ?

U could transfect ur cells and then select them using a particular antibiotics.

I am using lentovirus to infect cells and knock down genes of interest.


Besides that, you need first to construct a shRNA which expresses small hairpin RNA against your target gene. You may not have to do the construction yourself, you can buy such shRNA vector from Sigma. They probably has the shRNA against your gene.


Thanks for your information. I would try to use the sigma product, and if I have any specific question I would again contact you.
Thanks again