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Turbo Competent Cells - (Jul/08/2006 )


Has anyone experience with Turbo competent cells (New England Bioloabs) or Mach Competent Cells (Invitrogen). Those give colonies the very same day you put them on a plate.
1) Is this true?
2) Is it possible to make those strains Supercompetent yourself by menas of the classical protocols?



I have been wondering the same abt these cells. I have only seen the ad. It will b good to know if someone tried to make these cells with the same properties.

It would save lot of time !!!


I didn’t know anything about those cell, sounds great blink.gif !!!!!! I read about them in NE web page after this post, they sound very delicate, but very useful.
I’m thinking to buy them, but they are expensive. So I’m not sure. dry.gif
If you know someone who has used them, please, tell me!! wink.gif

-aztecan princess-

I have used the MAch competent cells and they are truly super competent and super fast.
I picked up colonies from plates and miniprepped them the same day, got enough DNA!