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Excel for Statistics? - (Jul/05/2006 )

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Does anyone here use Excel for statistics (ANOVA, ...)? Why and why not?


I usually avoid Excel for statistics, it does not seem intuitive. I am sure if you were trained on it then it would make sense but I think there are alot better Stats programs. My favourite is GraphPad or Instat.




You could always try octave - it's a free version of matlab.... or if you want to be really flash and have some aptitude for computing try R (search google r project) it is more technical but the results are worth it.



what about spss, is there anyone here try it?


QUOTE (strawberry @ Jul 6 2006, 12:01 PM)
what about spss, is there anyone here try it?

Excel I never used although there are some spreadsheets available which do the common tests. SPSS I use regularly. For standard procedures (t-test, ANOVAs etc) I think its ok, as all the other programs (Genestat, minitab etc). For complex designs or unusual procedures better use SAS or R. And also if you take your data to a statistican, they prefer to use SAS or R.



[GraphPad] Prism is the software that I've seen most people using in my line of work. Seems pretty comprehensive.


Yep, Graph Pad prism is quite user friendly. We use it in the lab now and also in my old lab.

Although if u know which statistical test to perform and u also know the formula, then u could enter it in excel, but if its for a normal person, i suggest Prism.


Thanks everyone.


QUOTE (sayeh @ Jul 6 2006, 11:36 AM)
Does anyone here use Excel for statistics (ANOVA, ...)? Why and why not?

I wouldn't consider Excel for my statistical analysis. After all Excel was not originally designed for stat analysis. Actually you'd get lots of meaningless (or misleading or inaccurate or whatever you call it) results if you use it for your analysis without putting an eye on the output. dry.gif Depending on your dataset, you even could get wrong result with simple calculation of average!!

You should be able to find what statisticians say about using Excel on statistical analysis on google (keywords: excel, inadequate, etc)


I have learnt tat before in my school, but its just some simple methods of using excel, come to think of it, sometimes, it make ur work easier.... Erm, well, It is not hard to use either.

I don't know about others, but u should use whatever tat u are comfortable with!


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