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elute cDNA on filter paper - (Jun/30/2006 )

I recently receive cDNA sample from one of corroborator, and the cDNA is on filter paper (dry).
Does anyone know the best protocol to elute this cDNA from the filter paper??

Thanks in advance


Cut the paper, take th epiece of paper where the DNA has been spotted and put it into an eppi. Incubate at RT for 10 min in 20-100ul (depending on the amount of DNA and paper size) of either 10mM Tris pH8.0 or Tris-EDTA pH8.0. Take the amount you need for transformation


I agree with dnafactory. I have used 1ul of the elute to retransform.


if it's cDNA, and thus you can't transform it, recover it with 200┬Ál of one of the solutions mentionned. Then pellet it and resuspend it on smaller amount of tris or TE or ddH20.