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RNA isolation from trypsinized cells - (Jun/28/2006 )

I am a newbie when it comes to RNA isolation. I want to use Trizol (or a similar reagent) to isolate total RNA from snap-frozen cell pellets that were taken off of the tissue culture dish using trypsin. Will the use of trypsin compromise the quality of my RNA? unsure.gif


I don't think so: we have done it in our lab and we didn't have any problem


Yippppeee! Thanks for telling me. I was getting kinda' worried, as I am not currently growing the cells and had no plan to start growing them again. biggrin.gif


I've used trizol in conjunction with several kits and solution-only based isolation methods with trypsinized cells and never had any RNA problem that I could attribute to the trypsin.

Go for it.


i wqash twice with PBS before snap freezing or adding trizol.