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DNA:RNA hybrid - is it more stable than DNA:DNA or RNA:RNA (Jun/28/2006 )

Hi, all,

I am not very knowledgable at this. How stable is a RNA:DNA duplex in comparison to corresponding DNA or RNA duplex? Is there a site that I can get a formular to predict Tm for DNA:RNA Tm? Thanks in advance. laugh.gif


Here is one might help your question

you can also find similar information by google searching


another link


QUOTE (rye @ Jun 28 2006, 01:23 PM)

Thanks. I got a rough idea from this site.


generally, a rna.rna hybrid is much more stable than a RNA.DNA which is in turn more stable than a DNA.DNA hybrid. This is basically related to the base stacking and the secondary strucuture and all that. So a RNA.RNA hybrid has a higher Tm than RNA.DNA which in turn has a higher tm than a DNA.DNA duplex.

For calculating tm check this out: