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Micro BCA Help needed (Pierce);mistake made! - (Jul/06/2001 )

the reagent will slowly turn color. just wait a day or two and you'll see. if you could mix the two andkeep them that way don't you think sigma and pierce would sell them that way? so back to the order pad or the computer and place a new order with sigma or pierce! no way around it! sometimesit is best to read the manual BEFORE using a kit. saves time and money.


Hello everyone,

Recently I purchased the micro BCA assay from pierce. I mixed reagent A (sodium tartrate, etc) and reagent B (BCA) in the correct ratio. My problem is that I assumed that one wouldmix both bottles and be able to store at room temperature for ayear. A collegue noticed then that the assay says to mix reagent A and Bright before use (also with reagent C containing cupric sulfate).I called pierce and they said that I would have to throw away whatI already mixed and buy a new kit. They said it "wouldnt work" I askedwhy? And they said in so many words "just because". So my question is this:Can reagent A and B be mixed and stored for around ayear (itll take thatlong for us to go through it)? And if not, why not? I really would liketo avoid buying a new set of reagents, but if I have to I will.