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DNA extraction from oils - (Jun/28/2006 )


any one here know anything about extraction of DNA from oils!
any thing would be helpful,



Don't really know what type of oil you meant nor the source of DNA in the oil.

If the oil is not in large vol, say 0.1 to 1 ml, you could try adding equal vol (or half vol) of cell lysis buffer, mix by vortexing or shaking. Spin to allow the organic and aqueous phase to separate, transfer the aqueous phase to new tube and dna purify by either using silica based purification or organic extraction followed by ethanol precipitation.

-I love MSGs!-

thanQ for the answer

I want to Extract DNA from different kinds edible oils, you know the main problem is that they want me to find DNA within oils and determine whether they (oil producers) used GMO or non-GMO products. Do you know any source/way for this.
have fun.