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DNA purification for transfection - someone have a protocol??? (Jun/20/2006 )

Hi everyone.

I did a Maxi-prep like Sambrook´s book but i need to purify the plasmid DNA in order to do some transfections of mammal's cells (293 and fibroblasts). The problem is that i dont have ultra-centrifuge. Someone have a protocol without ultra-centrifuge?

I checked out the Sambrook's protocols for DNA purification and I want to do the purification with PEG... I dont have PEG 8000, can I use PEG 6000?



you can add 200µl of a 35-40% of PEG 6000 / 1.6M NaCl solution (instead of 30% PEG 8000 NaCl 1.6M) during the last step.