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How DMEM is different others? - (Jun/14/2006 )

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Hi Guys,

Can someone tell me the differences between Dulbecco's Modified Eagle's Medium (DMEM) and other media? Is it mainly the glucose concentration only? Thanks in advance.




media suppliers like invitrogen have media formulations available in their catalogues or on the web, that would be a good place to start looking.


hi marco ! you can download different media formulations from different manufacturers and compare the composition.
definitely they differ in amino acid composition adn salt concentration and not glucose.


The osmolarity can also be different between media in addition to others.


This link should help you to have informations on what you want :


Hi Marco,

why don't you try to visit the Invitrogen website? They have the list of components of all the media they sell and DMEM is among them.


As far as the glucose in DMEM goes it can come in both a low and high glucose formula. You also have to watch the formula sheets because different manufacturers will use different amounts of substances in their media. So your DMEM might be missing or have less of something from one manufacturer that another one may add in or at least this has been my experience. In the liquid medium one of the descriptive factors in a catalog I have says DMEM substitutes pridoxine hydrochoride for pyridoxal hydrochloride. What that actually means as far as value for cells I'm not too sure. I agree with those above though that the best way to understand the differences in media is to look at the media formulation sheets.


I had the same question when I was decideing to grow my MCF-7 in MEM or DMEM so i asked the ATCC guys. According to them DMEM has higher amounts of nutrients than MEM and also /DMEM is formulated for a 10% CO2 incubator.


Thank you for your reply Guys..


Thank you for your reply Guys..


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