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How to separate protein from nucleic acids? - (Jun/12/2006 )

Hello, everyone!

I have a protein (enzyme) mixed with other proteins and DNA/RNA as well. I'm running an activity assay before purification to make sure the active stuff is in there. However, the concentration of nucleic acid interferes with the UV assay. Therefore I need a simple separation of protein and nucleic acids.

Is there any simple way, such as precipitating, that I can use to get rid of nucleic acids?

Thank you in advance for reply,




same reply as aimee. A DNASE RNAse treatment should help too if your first tries shows remaining nucleic acids after Phenol chlo IAA.


You don't think that phenol etc would kill the enzyme perhaps? I'd go the DNase/RNase route.


well there is a possibility that protein will ave less activity.
So in that case a DNAse RNase treatment is more appropriate.


good. I'll go with DNase/RNase treatment. Thank you guys~