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Concentrating conditioned media - (Jun/08/2006 )

Hi All:

This is my first time using this forum and requesting help from fellow bioforumans. I have conditioned media from various cell lines which I would like to concentrate. I cant use the cutoff filters because then I lose the lipids (prostaglandins) in the spin and I want to preserve everything in the conditioned media bec I use it to treat another cell type (so it has to be as preserved as possible). Please advise on how I can accomplish this. Any input would be greatly appreciated.



We should talk seriously together because I have worked on concentrating conditioned medium for 2 years and I get the same problem. I want to analyse all secreted factors by muscle cells that are under 5 kDa MW (for my experience, I can use cut-off colum). Recently, I have found on this forum that it exist a 100 Da cut-off membrane, at Spectra-por that allowed to removed salt from a glucose solution. It should retained prostaglandin and other peptides and secreted factors. As soon as I get this membrane, I will use it.

I'm very interesting about your experiment. Will you analyse peptides and secreted proteins? Will you analyse other kind of secreted factor?

best of luck!