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PEG precipitation of phage - (Jun/07/2006 )


Can anyone explain how does PEG precipitation of phage works?




PEG is a long molecule that acts as a carrier in the phage precipiation.
Basically you add it in the solution, homogeneize your sample. You may let it vertical for a moment (30' to overnight, depends of your protocol) and then spin sample. PEGgo at the bottom, carrying phages with 'him'


thanks, Fred.

Maybe you could suggest a book which explains biochemical principals of mol. biol./biochem. methods. Smth. to read during coffee breaks?


well actually do you have access to maniatis? (Sambrook et al, molecular cloning, a laboratory manual)? this is quite like a lab bible.
Usually, i read manuals of products (like kits, enzymes, or PEG) to know how it's supposed to work. I don't found a book which would strickly explain the priciples of each mechnism / technique.

Btw, this forum is full of insights of how-it-works questions.