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Please recommend some solutions for size-exclusion chromatography - (Jun/06/2006 )

Hi, This is my first post,

Was hoping someone might have time to provide some methods in performing size exclusion separations.

I'm looking to separate proteins 30-40kDa from those of 100-200kDa..

I was looking at Bio-Rad's SEC range but the pre-pack Bio-Sil columns are just too expensive..

had a look at Amersham's Superdex-200, while those are cheaper, they're still going into the £1000s..

Are there any other choices around?

I'm not familiar with this area as most of my interest lie elsewhere in proteomics.


We´re using Supperose12 from Amersham for this job!


Supperose12, do you have a product link for this?


sephacryl from amersham please check it....its very cheap...


QUOTE (sawyen @ Jun 6 2006, 03:21 PM)
Supperose12, do you have a product link for this?


Some infos and different columns!!!