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Autoradiography for proteins - Radioactive protein probes (Jun/06/2002 )

I am doing drug screening in which drugs are radioactive and exposed to cell cultures from which later protein are extracted and 2D PAGE gel is run to identified protein to which drug is binding.After running PAGE gel proteins are transfered to PVDF membrane, which is then exposed to x ray film for the signal, when protein are transfered to PVDF membrane there is loss of signal. Is ther any chemical or solution to enhance the signal. I am using intensiflying screens but still not good enough to take up the weak signals. I am sure there must be something to enhance Please commet all suggestions are welcomed
Thanks a lot.


Dont bother blotting the 2d gel, just fix it and use Amplify (from amersham) which intensifys the signal even more, dry the gel and bobs your uncle.