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fragmented DNA bands! - fragmented DNA bands!!!!! (Jun/05/2006 )

i have a stored plant sample in powdered form...what i am tryin' to do is simple extract dna from it....but when i extracted DNA from that sample without grinding...coz its alreadly a fine powder form added CTAB has alllthe components to rupture the cell n get DNA outta cell...isn't it so i continued with the procedure but when i ran electrophoresis i saw bands.
then i grinded the sample a little while...followed by CTAB n rest of the procedure...the bands were exciting at first but i noticed they were from fragmented DNA samples!!!!where do u think the dna get fragments...i am sure u guys have something to say..i am watin'!!!

-walter smith-

QUOTE (walter smith @ Jun 5 2006, 07:12 AM)
i have a stored plant sample in powdered form...

how? can you explain more?
many of this kind of problem cozed by bad stored materials.


Are you expecting to get fully intact chromosomal DNA from these samples? I think that's a long shot...

What are you doing after CTAB treatment to clean up and concentrate your DNA?

What will you use the DNA for? If it's for PCR or Southern blot or some such procedure, you need very little DNA -- it might not be enough to make a brightly lit EtBr stained gel, but there will be plenty there...