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How to make slants without bubble in it? - (Jun/01/2006 )

Hi guys
Could you tell me the tips in making slants?(Microbiology)
How to avoid the bubbles in slants?


I f you are talking about the big bubble that often happen at the bottom of the tube, I stil have to find something.
I guess heating in a flame is possible if one is using glass tubes, unfortunately I am not.

But I have to say that since it doesn't really make any difference I did not try too hard for this kind of cosmetic arangements.


use a pipet to add the agar to the tube (but work quickly). this is only practical if you are not pouring a lot of tubes.


I tried the pipette, you still have some bubbles. Usually one very big. I'd say in 1 out of 5 tubes, and not necessariy the first or the last.


you have to start the pipet at the bottom and rise with the level of the agar. no bubbles.


the only times I've ever seen that problem, I allowed the tubes to roll right after pouring and before setting up...otherwise, don't swirl your media in the big flask while aliquoting, and pour in a nice toasty room...bubbles in agar are always made worse if it sets up very quickly


hi ! what we do is we prepare the media melt it and distribute appropriate amounts in to test tubes , plug them and autoclave them and after autoclaving place the sterilized slants in a slanting position untill solidificaiton, never got any bubbles inside.