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Which DNA marker is this? - (May/30/2006 )

Hi there,

does anyone know which PCR/DNA marker this is (name, company)?

Thanks so much for your help.


maybe the NEB 2log DNA ladder (but assuming that the small bands are out of the gel...)


I thought it might be NEB 2log DNA ladder as fred suggested but some how dont feel it.

If the smaller bands did run out then the higher bands should have been better separated during the same time.


depends of the percenage of the gel... and in less importance, of the length of resolving


It is definitely not NEB 2-log ladder because the bands didn`t run out of the gel.
I have a lot of gel pictures which all look the same.
Maybe it`s from a company which doesn`t exist anymore. You never know what people might have found once deep inside the freezer..... cool.gif