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protein diffusion in sds page gel - (May/30/2006 )

i ran a big SDS-page gel (10 % acrylamide ) loaded with 3 mg of protein in order to cut a gel slice of my protein and sent it to get antibody.
It took time to get a quote my gel after staining and destaining sat in the cold room for 2 weeks in water before i cut the band and send it.
Could there be a problem of diffusion of the protein in the gel or is the protein stable in the gel after staining destaining?


I think I had already let a gel for 1 week... however it is known than acetic acid/methanol fixation is reversible if you soak your gel in water. I don't know about how long...


missele is correct. next time store your gel in meoh/acetic acid destaining solution or cut your bands out and store them.

but... if you still have stained bands in your gel then you didn't lose all of your protein and should still have enough to innoculate.