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agar and agarose s - (May/25/2006 )

wht happen if i make media plate with agarose instead of agar

agar was finished so i make minimal media plate with agarose s. agarose is more purify than agar so i think may be it will not cause any problem

if anybody know more about this issue plz reply me

-T. reesei-

Your plates are going to be very expensive to make smile.gif
But it will not change anything. And if you want to REALLY avoid any source of nutrient in your plate, try using silica sol-gel....


yea i know my plates become really expensive, but i didnt find any other way

-T. reesei-

Depends what are you going to use them for!! Otherwise as mentioned before, they are very expensive now and don't tell your advisor smile.gif
Don't worry, it should be ok

-Jiang M-

i keep it as a secret biggrin.gif

-T. reesei-