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Storage of PCR product? - (May/25/2006 )


Just a little question... I am using PCR product for sequencing. I have been storing the purified PCR product in water just in the fridge. When I sequenced the product there were few that were good. I had left the product for well over 2 weeks and wondered if this might have been the problem.

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In general, I'd recommend to store your DNA samples in the freezer (-20°C).
For sequencing the DNA, you probably dissolve the sample in formamide or an other reagent that suppresses interference by the DNA-template. Once you've added that reagent, it's best to store the sequencing samples in the fridge (4°C) (so I've been told smile.gif ). However, you shouldn't keep it in the fridge for too long, maximum a couple of days.

Of course it might just be bad luck... That tends to be a factor when sequencing DNA smile.gif

-Agar the Horrible-