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Breakpoints in chromosomal aberrations - Are there "preferred" sequences? (May/24/2006 )

Does anyone have a statistics about DNA sequences that are more than others involved in chromosomal aberration breakpoints? What are the molecular reasons that cause a chromosome to break? Very interested in your ideas.



I've once heard that it happens easier in promotor sequences, that is has something to do with the chromatin structure. I don't know what is true about this, but we have tried to make an overhang of an promotor sequence with a selection gene in between and with counterselection, the selection gene was looped out easier in this way than with an other overhang.


hi crhomatin actiove regions are some hot spots for chromosomal aberrations as many open/closing of it happens. But major points are repeated sequences (especially trinucleotides) and transposon silenced regions.