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Silver Staining - (May/22/2006 )

I am supposed to remove a specific protein for my sample ~ 2 ul (0.7 ug/ul). How can I going about doing it? How much anitibody to add? How much protein A beads to add? I have repeat the experiment several times. I added 2 ul of antibodies and 1 ul of beads to 2ul of sample. But I am still unable to remove the protein based on the result I obtain from silver staining. Can anyone help me? unsure.gif

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How do you know that the band that is staining with silver is your protein, and not another one of the same size? What does a western with antibody specific to your protein show?


I have the theoretical size of that protein. I have already done western blot to confirm that the particular protein is the one I wanted to remove. ohmy.gif

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