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Left my PCR supplies out overnight. Are they all ruined? - (May/14/2006 )

I came in to the lab today only to find that I had left the boxes containing all my primers, taq (both hot-start and non-hotstart, long story), dntps, 10x, and mgcl2; in short, EVERYTHING out on the counter, all night.
I'm not worried about the 10x and mgcl, I've got plenty of those, but is there any chance that any of the other stuff isn't ruined? I'm particularly concerned about the primers since I don't want to order those again. I've read on another website (this one:
that there's a good chance that my primers will still be good. Is that true?
I'm assuming that my taq and my dNTPs are ruined. Is there any chance that they're not?

Thanks in advance.

-Dan I.-

The primers are fine, but you might be bummed with the non-hot start polymerase.



...and the dNTPs, as well. I would replace them.



I would worry about the dNTPs the most. The Taq will likely be fine -- it is a thermostable enzyme, after all. The primers will be okay. The MgCl is just MgCl -- you can store this at RT. What is in the 10x?


Throw away dNTPs, most probably there is no dATP left in there anymore, don't worry about the rest, it should be fine.

-Jiang M-