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how to deal with the precipitation of calciumnitrate and dipotassiumhydrogenphos - (May/12/2006 )

I actually have to prepare medium. Unfortunately, my medium composts of calcium nitrate and dipotassiumhydrogenphosphate. Whenever i mix both of them in ddwater, there is always precipitation. My Prof. said that it shoudl be because of pH. He said that i should adjust pH to 6.2 or something like that before i can add the second chem. substance. I tried his method, but it didnt work. Still see precipitation. I think that it should be calcium phosphate, right.???. So that, i just wonder how to solve this problem cos i dont want to change dipotassium- to potassiumhydrogenphosphate. Has anybody an idea how to play with other parameters to get rid of the precipitation??? Thanks


you could try adding the ca to the medium slowly, last and at near final volume. this might work.