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MHC Class 2 molecules - (May/09/2006 )

Hi there

I was just wondering when the macrophage "engulfs" bacteria and then on the surface of the macrophage a MHC Class 2 molecule forms which then binds to a T-Cell...(is this right?) is there just ONE MHC Class 2 molecule on the surface or like heaps???



OK, MHC's are made inside the APC, they dont' really form on the outside

a bacteria is engulfed/phagocytosed->it is moved into an endosome->lysozyme eats it up->MHC II's are bound to antigens inside the cell->antigen-bound MHC II's are moved to the surface

and yeah, there can be many on one cell

you can probably find animated tutorials of this process if you use your trusty friend google rolleyes.gif


Thanks aimikins